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Unit 1
●act, ag=to act做,行动,驱使
●am, amat=to love爱
●anger 愤怒,激怒,使发怒
●ang, eng=angle角
●audi=to hear听
●aug,auc=to increase 增加
●author 作家,著者
●band,bond,bind,bound=to bind捆绑,束缚
●bat=to beat击打
●bell=war 战争
●bio =life生命
Unit 2
●cay,cid,cas=to fall落下
●chalk 粉笔,白垩(一种石灰石)
●cap=head头,to take抓取
●car=car车,to run跑
●cast=to throw投掷
●cede,ceed,cess=to go去,to yield让步
●ceive,cept,cip,cipate=to take取
Unit 3
●cern,cret=to separate分离
●cite=to call呼叫
●claim,clam=to cry大叫
●clin=to bend弯曲
●clos,clud=to shut关闭
●cognis,gnos=to know知道
Unit 4
●count=to count计算
●cover=to cover遮盖
●cre=to grow生长
●cur,course=to run流,跑
●cure=to take care注意,留心
●dic,dict =to say说
●doc=to teach教导
●dom=house房屋,家;domin=to rule统治
●don,dot,dow=to give给予
●draw 拉,引
Unit 5
●duc,duct=to lead领导
●dur=to last持续
●am,em=to take取
●fab=to knit做,编
●fact,fect,fic=to make做,to do做,为
●fare=to go走
Unit 6
●fend,fest=to strike打击
●fer=to carry运,载
●fer=to make携带,带来
●fin=to end结束
●flect,flex=to bend弯曲
●form=to form形成,form形状
●fract,frag=to break打破
●fuse,fut=to melt溶化,熔化
Unit 7
●gener,gen,gent=to produce制造,生产,race种族,birth出生
●grad,gress=to walk行走
●gram,graph=to write书写
●hab,hibit=to have拥有
●her,hes=to stick粘着
●hum =ground地面
●it=to go走
Unit 8
●ject,jac=to throw投,掷
●join,junct=to join加入,连接
●jud=to judge判断
●just,juris= right正义,正确
●labor=to work工作
●laps=to slip,to glide滑,溜
●late=to bring带来,to bear搬运
●lav,lau=to wash洗
●lax,lyse=to loosen放松
Unit 9
●lect,leg,lig=to pick out选择
●leg=to send送,law法律
●lev=to raise升,举
●lig=to bind绑,束缚
●log(ue),loqu =to speak说话
●illu(m)= light照亮
Unit 10
●med=to heal治疗
●ment=to think想,mind心智
●merc=to trade贸易,reward报酬
●merge,mers=to sink沉没
●meter=to measure测量
●migr=to move移动
●min= to project突出
●mir=to wonder惊讶
Unit 11
●miss,mit=to send送
●memor,mon =to remember记住,to remind提醒
●mov,mob,mot=to move移动
●mut=to change改变
Unit 12
●neg=to deny否定
●not= note笔记,备忘录
●nounce,nunci=to report报告
●number,numer=number数,to count计数
●nur,nour,nutri=to nourish滋养,孕育
●opt=eye眼睛,to select选择
●ori=to rise升起,to begin开始
●pact =to fasten结紧
●part =part部分,要素
●pass =to pass 通过
Unit 13
●pass, pati, path = bad feelings不好的感觉
●part =father父亲
●ped = foot足,脚
●pel,puls=drive 推动,驱使,击打
●pen,pun =punish惩罚
●pend,pens= to hang悬挂,to weigh称重,to pay支付
●pet =to seek追求
●phan,fan =appearance样子,to appear出现
●phon,phet = sound声音
●plaud,plode =to burst out爆发
●ple,plic=to fold折叠
Unit 14
●poli(t) =state,city 国家,城市
●pos,pone,pound =to place,to put放,置
●preci =price,value价格,价值
●press =to press压
Unit 15
●prin,prim =first初,始
●pris,prehend =to seize抓住
●priv =private私人的
●proach =near接近
●prov,prob=to prove证实
●quire,quest =to seek or ask寻求,询问
●radi =ray光线
●rect =right; straight直的,正确的
●reg,rig =rule规则,to rule统治,治理
●rod =to bite咬
●rupt =to break 断
Unit 16
●sacr, sanct=sacred 神圣的
●scend=to climb 爬,攀登
●scop =to look看
●scribe,script =to write写
●sect,seg =to cut切割
●sess; side =to sit坐
●sens,sent=to feel感觉
●sequ =to follow跟随
●secut=to perform做,执行
●sert =to join加入

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